Sabrina Barker-Truscott

Dancing is a beautiful art and learning doesn't need to be difficult. The instructors we recommend are the best you'll find in town. We absolutely love dance and vow, to ourselves and our students, that the experience of dance will always be one of pure enjoyment.

We offer Ballroom and Latin dance classes in the Austin area. Our classes include private or group classes at both social and competitive levels. We specialize in co-ordinating and directing dance event productions; including party showcases, gala productions, and corporate programs.

This site introduces you to our continuing classes and events; but, be sure to check out our blog for more detail and for special announcements about upcoming events. Also, you can call or email us to schedule private lessons or to book an event.

So let's get dancing!!

Call (512) 785-4404 for:
▪ Ballroom Dance Instruction
▪ Ballroom & Latin Shows
▪ Choreography
▪ Corporate Dance Programs
▪ Corporate Shows
▪ Dance Showcase Exhibitions
▪ Dancer Casting
▪ Event Directing
▪ Gala Productions
▪ Latin Dance Instruction
▪ Party Entertainment
▪ Private Coaching
▪ Wedding Dance Instruction

Sabrina hosting DWTSA